Photovoltaic & Wind Power: New England Solar Electric

Why we like their products:  New England Solar and Electric has done its research. They only offer the best. For example, their supplier SouthWest wind company is internationally recognized by twelve independent organizations and scientific groups. Their AirBreeze wind generator is extra quiet, and has the ability to charge any size battery bank. For solar panels, NE Solar uses brand names such as Access, and Sharp, which support the U.S. economy, and provide top quality features such as multicrystalline solar cells for better performance. We also partner with NE Solar and Electric for many of our in-house products such as refrigerators, lighting, composting toilets and batteries. 


Structural Insulated Panels: Murus

Why we like them: Structurally Insulated Panels are a specialty panel that replaces the traditional stud wall, which makes them perfect for an exposed timberframe. They provide unparalleled insulation, and cut fuel costs of the home. Murus has a patented "cam lock connection system" for easy installation, and superb sealing technology. The panels are custom ordered, but all wood is harvested in partnership with the Sustainable Forest Initiative


                                 Windows & Doors: Marvin

Why we like them:  Marvin is known for beauty and custom style, but also energy efficiency.  Marvin is a fourth-generation, Energy Star certified company. Anything you can dream up, they will create – from specialty window and door shapes and styles, to energy efficient design based on climate, to privacy tinting. Just like Murus, they are partners of the Sustainable Forest Initiative and recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council, for their commitment to sustainability and civil rights. 


                           Wood Flooring: Carlisle  

Carlisle is the finest wood floor company in the United States. They are renowned for their team of artisan woodworkers who hand cut each board, and constantly examine the wood at every stage of production to ensure perfection. They know that, just like on a diamond, the cut determines the value, and they only use the heart of the tree, the center cut, for their flooring. A center cut will never warp or crack, it will last forever. Carlisle is known worldwide for two specialty types of flooring. Firstly, they are known for using fresh cut boards along with a unique elixir of liquid treatment to give them the appearance of a hundred-year old floor. Secondly, they are known for their reclaimed wood flooring. They recover antique center-cut boards, and recycle them to create floors with history and character. They are the top supplier of the Forest Stewardship Council antique reclaimed wood in North America. When you have a Carlisle floor, you have the finest artisan brand name floor available,  and you are also supporting environmental sustainability, with a floor that will last forever.